What Do Children Have to Say About Learning From Home?


We would like to hear from children about their experiences learning from home now that so many schools have closed because of the coronavirus.

If you are a parent or guardian who is willing to have your children take part in this assignment, please have them write a few sentences on the best and worst things about having to take classes at home. Do they like staying home? Do they miss their friends? Do they think mom or dad makes a good substitute teacher?

We realize that some children may not have been given take-home lessons, and others may not have access to computers for virtual learning programs; we would like to hear from them, too.

Your children can type up their responses below. If they write about their experiences on paper, take a photo of it and send it to us. Or ask them to draw a picture that shows us what it’s like.

We want to see what children think in their own words, and will select some of the submissions for publication in The New York Times.

Please share your responses using the form below. A reporter or editor may contact you to hear more. Thank you.

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