Watch John Mulaney Explains VSCO Girls to Seth Meyers


Late Night with Seth Meyers has been pretty strong during social distancing since Meyers is an affable host who has been inviting on people with whom he has a strong rapport. For example, his latest guest was John Mulaney, one of his friends and former co-workers on Saturday Night Live. While Mulaney technically had something to plug—his new podcast Oh, Hello: The P’dcast—really it was just two funny guys shooting the shit about what they’ve been up to lately.

One of the things they discuss is VSCO Girls (if you’ve never heard the term before, prepare for an education) and clown on Bob Dylan’s 17-minute song about John F. Kennedy as well as talking about watching The Real Housewives of New York and how the show doesn’t really feature apologies. What I like best about this interview is the easy conversation that Meyers and Mulaney have and we’re just dropping in on two friends having a chat.

Check out the videos below to enjoy a friendly conversation between Meyers and Mulaney.

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