Top Gun: Maverick Director Says Film Will Be Completed on Time

While audiences will have to wait an extra six months to see Top Gun: Maverick, the film is still being completed on schedule. This according to its director Joseph Kosinski, who gave an update on Top Gun 2 as post-production work continues on the Tom Cruise-led sequel from home according to quarantine guidelines.

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has put many film projects in various pickles. Those that were in production are on pause, unable to complete any additional filming at this time, release dates delayed indefinitely. Some that were in early pre-production are unable to complete any extensive post-production due to a lack of visual effects artists available. Even animated films are in an incomplete state, as this summer’s Minions sequel has been pulled from the release calendar because animation studios are shut down and no further work can be done.


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But it appears that Top Gun: Maverick was actually pretty far along in post-production, to the point that Kosinski will be able to complete the movie as planned despite the release date delay. He explained as much to

“We are sticking to our schedule and finishing the movie just as if it were coming out on its original release date. Luckily, I’m in the home stretch of post-production where, despite all the restrictions on how you can work now, I’m able to continue doing my job and finish the movie. Which is pretty amazing. If I were in any other phase of the project, it would be hard to do that. But because I’m in the tail end of post, I’m able to do everything I need to, to finish it. So we’re sticking to it and sticking to our schedule and finishing the movie and then just holding it for six months. Which is such an interesting thing to do, but it’s the right decision because this is a movie that people need to see on the big screen. And if there’s no big screen, then you don’t want to release this movie. We want this to be a shared experience on the biggest screen possible.”

He’s right. I can’t imagine seeing a Top Gun sequel from the comfort of my own home on VOD. And I think when movie theaters finally reopen, something like Top Gun: Maverick is exactly the kind of film people will be wanting to see on a massive screen, popcorn in hand. Save us, Tom Cruise. You’re our only hope.

Top Gun: Maverick will be released in theaters on December 23, 2020. For more Tom Cruise goodness, check out our ranking of every single film he’s been in.

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