Teresa Ruiz Talks Narcos: Mexico Season 2 and Learning from Martin Landau

With Narcos: Mexico season 2 now streaming on Netflix, I recently sat down with Teresa Ruiz to talk about playing Isabella Bautista. During the wide-ranging conversation, she talked about how much she knew about her character’s journey when she got involved, what fans would be surprised to learn about the making of the series, why she enjoys playing Isabella, what keeps the characters in the drug game after making so much money, and more. In addition, she talks about meeting Martin Landau early in her career and what the legendary actor taught her about acting.


Image via Netflix

Narcos: Mexico season 2 continues the story of Miguel Ángel ​Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna), as he struggles to grow his empire while maintaining control over the various members of his organization. Meanwhile, the American effort to get revenge for the death of Kiki Camerana (Michael Pena) leads them down a dark path. The cycle of violence rages on. Narcos: Mexico season 2 also stars Scoot McNairy, Alyssa Diaz, Alejandro Edda, Gerardo Taracena, Jose Maria Yazpik, and Jesse John Garcia.

Teresa Ruiz:


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