She’s 10, Homeless and Eager to Learn. But She Has No Internet.

The vague timeline has concerned parents and advocates for children.

Nearly 1,600 children, in classes ranging from pre-K to high school, live in Win shelters. As of Tuesday night, about 1,400 students still needed devices.

“It is clear to me that the administration, to some degree, has forgotten about homeless children,” said Ms. Quinn, former speaker of the City Council. ”

Ms. Phillips-Lewis said she thought Allia would get a device with built-in internet by Friday, but she was not sure and was not getting a clear answer from LCG Community Services, the nonprofit that runs the shelter where she lives.

On Monday, Allia made do, using her mother’s smartphone to log into Google classroom. She moved to a stool, balanced the phone on her knees and looked down, the light of the screen bouncing off her cheeks.

Around the city, other students were resorting to the same alternative. Sisters Kamiyah Williams, 6, and Chastity Battle, 5, did their class work on their mother’s phone while sitting in a living room in Brownsville, Brooklyn. They live in a small two-bedroom apartment with their mother, two younger siblings and three other people.

Kamiyah said she missed reading her favorite book at school. “My favorite story is talking about animals. Lions,” she said.

Chastity has an artistic streak. “I like painting,” she said.

Both girls are good students, said Tierra Williams, their mother, adding that she did not want them to fail because they did not have tablets. She was trying to help them, but she was having a hard time. “It’s really confusing on the phone because the words are so small,” Ms. Williams said. “I don’t want to miss an assignment because I don’t see it all.”

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