Opinion | When Will We Be Ready for President Elizabeth Warren?

MC: At least your 5-year-old — and my two teenagers — won’t consider it odd to see women running for president. Small consolation, I know. But a kind of progress. As for Ms. Warren’s Medicare for all meltdown, I agree that she was unfairly held to a much higher standard than Mr. Sanders, who tends to be big on promises but light on details. That’s how he rolls, and many people are just fine with it because they find him so inspirational, believable, visionary, authentic — choose your laudatory adjective. I just find him shouty.

DE, Texas: I will never forget my mother calling me, crying, in 2008 after Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton. She told me that she was worried she would not live to see a female president. The 2016 election disappointed again. Although I knew that Amy Klobuchar would probably not win, I couldn’t forget my mother’s tears and I early voted for Klobuchar this year.

My mother is 87 and in failing health. I fear she won’t live to see the day when “she” is the president of the United States. Sad.

MC: Well, now I feel like crying — while at the same time punching something. But amid all the grieving, it is worth celebrating that there was more than one woman who made an impressive showing in this race.

Amy Klobuchar’s candidacy never quite caught fire, but her third-place finish in New Hampshire marked her as a serious contender. She had a strong bipartisan record of accomplishment in the Senate and understood how the levers of government work. She was a formidable debater, making a compelling, passionate case for unity and pragmatism. She knew how to connect issues to people’s lived experiences, and she had a sharp sense of humor — a valuable survival skill in politics.

I have plenty of theories about why she didn’t go farther, many of them tied up in questions of charisma and style and other nebulous factors that should be total nonsense but aren’t. But I knew plenty of Klobuchar fans who were disappointed to see her go — and who are rooting for her to have future bites at the apple.

Susan, Ashland, Ore.: I wish it could have been a woman. It is time. Elizabeth Warren is terrific, as was Kamala Harris. But it wasn’t to be. But I’ll vote for any Democratic candidate. If it turns out that Joe Biden is the nominee, then he had better pick a woman as his running mate or a person of color, either gender. Another white man would be terrible.

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